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Our chosen rescue

Our chosen rescue

At Quest it has always been important to us as a business and also personally to support charities and rescues with donations and raffle prizes where we can.

All of us at Quest love animals and have a selection of cats and dogs as part of our families. For our 20 year anniversary we wanted to support an animal rescue that does amazing work, but is not as high profile as some.

Last year just before “lockdown” hit and everyone had their lives turned upside down, Debbie welcomed Darcy to her family from SAVING BALKAN BOXER DOGS little Darcy stole our hearts from day one and so our chosen cause was decided. Through our blogs we will update you on Darcy and her progress and also introduce you to the rest of her family.

We are proud to support SBBD which is a small UK based rescue with a wonderful team of volunteers that help many Boxers from the Balkans and from the UK, although they are a breed specific rescue they find it very difficult to turn down any dog in need. If you would like to find out more about SBBD then follow the link above to their website and learn about the amazing work they do to offer these dogs the home every dog should be entitled to.